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Look-a-Like & UNTrustworthy GPT Sites

are you tired of seeing the same old gpt script over and over again?

are you tired of gpt sites not giving you credit for your hard work?

we are tired, too...

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GPT sites that cash out monthly
Monthly GPT Sites Are NOTORIOUS for ALWAYS Crediting Offers, ALWAYS!

GPT sites that cash out instantly
Get your Earnings INSTANTLY w/ NO Wait!

Free Money at FusionCash!

1. FusionCash 5$ sign up bonus!  FusionCash has been around for a little while now and is always one of the first GPT sites you hear about when you start asking questions about this industry. We can honestly say that when we first starting researching the GPT industry after seeing our first advertisements for it, FusionCash was literally the second site we ever signed up for and looked into.  They have the best Support team that will help you with anything.  They are a very simple, 'everything is laid out for you,' non-complicated, GPT Site with Surveys.  They always credit their offers and you always get  paid.  You cannot go wrong with FusionCash because they are an old and trusted GPT site.  They offer plenty of high paying free offers, surveys, referral money, high paying trial offers, and more.  Also, this is THE IDEAL MONTHLY GPT SITE for beginners.  So if you are very new to this industry and want to sign up for a GPT site, than we highly suggest Clicking Here!

*Also Pays for Posting

Our 5th Most Popular GPT Site

2ClickinRich Instant .50$ Bonus just to sign up!  Gaining more and more popular every single day! Fans of CrazyCreditGPT are signing up for this site like crazy! Bright, Unique, and ridiculously large GPT site with plenty of ways to make those pockets fat!  Real nice graphics with a bright blue theme and simple interface make this ideal for beginners.  Also great for more dedicated GPT users because of the huge amount of amazingly quick offers available. Discover a whole new GPT experience and register today. Did I say they have thousands of offers?  Cash out INSTANTLY at only 2$

*Promo* Every 5 offers completed, you are given an extra .25$! Not sure how long this will keep going, but I still get this every single time my 5th offer is completed!

3.  Inbox Pays **MUST JOIN FOR TOP CASH!**  Another 5$ bonus to sign up!  Easy navigation and excellent earning potential!  They have some very high paying offers, and even higher paying trial offers.  Please go Here to learn how to correctly complete trial offers.  I highly suggest completing offers from InboxPays FIRST before completing them on any other GPT sites (remember, you can only complete each offer once or you will be banned permanently!). Hot Tip: Look for all offers that are about getting quotes for any type of Insurance because these free offers pay the best!  Also has VERY HIGH, up to 5$, surveys.  Click on 'My Studies' and PLEASE fill out profiles for more survey opportunities.
*Plus, everyday you get 3 or 4 emails worth .15$ to .20$ a piece to open.  That's it, just open your emails from them every single day and you will earn .60$ per day, 4.20$ per week, and 18.60$ per month FOR OPENING EMAILS! Crazy, right? Did I mention the unlimited 3$ bonus for every referral you sign up?  
For some reason, people still don't believe that you can earn an extra 18.60$ PER MONTH (4.20$ every single week) JUST for OPENING 3 OR 4 EMAILS A DAY! SO, Here is one of our payment proofs from them . . .

4. Quick Rewards is NOT JUST THE BEST NO-MINIMUM CASH OUT SURVEY SITE ON THE INTERNET!  They are also a very respected and trustworthy get-paid-to (GPT) site, people!  The reason we are screaming this is because most people only think and know QuickRewards to be a survey site... but they are so wrong because they are so much more than just one of the best and trusted survey sites in the world.  And the best part is... THEY LOOK TOTALLY DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER GPT SITE AROUND! Remember, that's a great thing because we are all so, so tired of every single GPT site looking and acting all the same.  QuickRewards is so massively huge you might get lost while trying to figure out your favorite way to make money! They have all the usual ways including tons of offer walls (6 offer walls-just go to --->Earn To --->Offer Portal), Paid to Click, Paid to Sign Up, Paid to watch videos, Paid to do Tasks, Cash back shopping, and thier infamous daily surveys + special surveys.  And yes, there is NO MINIMUM to cash out WHENEVER YOU WANT!  So visit QuickRewards and find out what all the buzz is about!

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Our 4th Most Popular GPT Site

5. PAIDtheFASTEST   Giganticly Huge GPT site with 10 Offer Walls! This includes Radium One, the most well-crediting offer wall available! Cash out at only 1$! One of my favorite sites, always crediting offers, always paying instantly!  They have a massive menu that's perfectly placed on the left side of their website, makin your cash earning experience incredibly organized and easy! They have several raffles and competitions that run weekly, and instant access to their 'spin the wheel' game for more options to make $$$.  In fact, every time someone cashes out PAIDtheFASTEST plays a 'ding' sound to let everyone know that people cash out every minute!  Also, a great option for all you manly men out there because of their sports games, including NFL Pick' em, and others.

Our 3rd Most Popular GPT Site

6. Cash Crate Earn your first 1$ bonus to register!  Earning Money has never been this fast and easy! Over 4 million people earn cash with Cash Crate! Loaded GPT/Survey site with over 8 daily surveys and hundreds of instant crediting offers!  Also, CashCrate has the one of the BEST referral programs in the entire industry.  Their offers are very simple, pay high, and are so quick to complete.  Also earn money for socializing in their blog, surveys, raffles, contests, games, and videos.  Get paid everyday just for checking in. Cash Crate is one of the oldest and most respected GPT sites around, nearly setting the standard for the referral percentages and standards for all GPT sites!   

8. Send Earnings 5$ bonus to sign up! Also receive daily emails worth money!  This is the sister site of Inbox Dollars (above)  and uses the exact template.  But that doesn't mean they have the exact same offers.  In fact, I highly recommend registering for BOTH of these and doing offers and completing offers that are exclusive on each site every single day.  If you do this, you will make at least 60$ every single month!  I cannot rave enough about Send Earnings!  They have been around for over 5 years, have more members than most GPT sites combined, and have so many ways to earn money inclding playing many casion style games, card games, and slot machines!  We also highly recommend telling all your friends and family about Send Earnings because you make a great referral commission! Plus, everytime you cash out you get another 5$ bonus! Now that's what every GPT site should do, right?? 

*Must Join* Absolutely wonderful, unique, different, & super high paying GPT site! 
CrazyCreditGPT has been watching this site very closely b/c they're fairly new and they passed the test with flying colors!  They have paid us 4 times, on time, every single time!  They have the most amazing contests that run daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly! Daily Contest: 5$ to 3 winners for completing the most offers.  Weekly Contest: 30$ to 10 winners for referring the most new members.  Monthly Contest: 100$ to one lucky winner for completing the most offers.  Yearly Contest: 1,000$ undecided, Coming Soon (August, 2012)!  If this isn't already enough to make them the most incredible GPT site ever, they also have thousands of offers, great crediting rates, some of the highest paying offers, a boat load of surveys daily (under daily tasks), crowdflower pay per task, 6 offer walls, pay per click, cashback shopping, referral rates, and more!  Register Here to have the time of your life raking in the dough! CrazyCreditGPT absolutely <3's UNIQUE sites!
*Hot Tip* Their Radium One Offer Wall seems to credit offers unusually well!

STOP! Are you completing surveys on GPT sites? WHY?? You are getting robbed! we tell you which GPT sites DO pay good $$$ for surveys on THIS PAGE), you are only getting paid HALF of what the surveys are REALLY WORTH! START completing surveys on sites that only do surveys!  They are in the 'Survey Business' and pay you what each survey is worth, usually $1 - 3.50$ per survey.  Are you making that on your favorite GPT site? Odds are.... you're NOT! So check out our Top Survey Sites & start getting paid the right amount for completing surveys! And, YES, there are survey sites that pay you instantly! Just check out our Instant Gratification Survey Sites.

take a small break and have a big laugh!
  with crazycreditgpt - nothing can rain on your day!

10. Inbox Dollars 5$ bonus just to sign up!  CrazyCreditGPT cannot stop earning with Inbox Dollars! We cash out every single month faithfully, and our checks just keep getting bigger and bigger!  They offer daily paid emails, new offers weekly, high paying surveys (they only offer 1 or 2 daily, so they can afford to pay more per survey1), casino-style slots, cards, and games by World Winner, contests, AWESOME referral rates and contests, blog for payment proof, great support team, pay to watch videos, fly to the mooon, and much more! **Bonus** You get a 5$ Special Bonus added to your account every single time you cash out!  This is so awesome because it gives you a jump start on your next check! They are one of the oldest GPT sites around and are very trustworthy.  We highly recommend joining this site for one of the best GPT experiences!

12.  Snap Dollars Another 5$ bonus just to sign up!  Another Monthly GPT Site that credits all your offers, so you never have to worry about not getting paid for your work.  You might have to wait the usual couple days for some tedious ones, but that's normal with any good sight that actually checks your work, then rewards you for your time. So what makes Snap Dollars different from every other GPT?  First, they are very well organized and have everything laid out for you in different categories and menu's, with detailed explanations. After you sort through all the different types of offers, you can chose to earn Premium Prizes (like a Louis Vuitton Bag, or Nintendo Wii) by completeing Silver, Gold, and Platinum offers. If you start to get bored you can play games, shop for cash back, or even play online lotto games! Finally, they have a great account widget that lets you manage all your finances and referrals. Did I mention the unlimited 5$ bonus for each referral you sign up? Imagine how much money you could make if you get all your friends and family to sign up and start making free money, too!
*Offers INSTANT Cash Out*
Treasure Trooper *INSTANT & Monthly Cash Out!* ** Credits just like a monthly cash out GPT site!** 3$ Bonus just to sign up! *Also offers Instant Cash Out for verified PayPal*
*Milions, not thousands, MILLIONS of dollars have been paid out by Treasure Trooper to it's members!* Hot Tip:  The 3$ bonus is hidden.  Click this link & land on registration page. It tells you there's a 1$ bonus to sign up.  All you have to do is attempt to close the browser (click the 'X' in the top right) and it will prompt you to stay on the page & not leave for your 3$.   Simply stay on the page and you will then receive the 3$ sign up bonus.  Treasure Troopers is the most exciting GPT site ever made.  You can collect gems to get free referrals & maps to cash! Plus alot more stuff you have to check out! Plus earn lots and lots of cash with their 20+ Daily Surveys!  Just press the wooden 'Enter' sign in the Survey Seeker section under Cash Surveys.  
*Update* Treasure Trooper is now celebrating their 7 year anniversary!  Wouldn't You Trust a GPT Site that has been around for 7 years? We do!

GPT sites
that cash out weekly

GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way

GiftHulk pays every Sunday

Special PROMO CODES for GiftHulk
ONLY for CrazyCreditGPT fans!!
Use Promo Code: crazycreditgpt

After you register for GiftHulk go to --->Earn --->Fountain of Youth --->write in promo code (crazycreditgpt).  You get 25 GiftHulk Coins (FREE cash$$$!)
16. GiftHulk *Must Join* We are crazy excited to add Gift Hulk to our Top GPT Sites!  They are such a good get-paid-to site that they have been featured on CBS! When we found them we were instantly in love with their appearance.  If you read Tips to Avoid GPT Rips you can see that a GPT site's appearance is one of the biggest tell-tale signs of seperating the scams from the legit sites. Why? If a site has invested a lot of time an/or money on their appearance including graphics, layout, the navigational system, etc. they obviously plan on being around for a long time!  This almost guarantees that they have no intentions of scamming their members or not paying.  GiftHulk has obviously put a lot of energy and time into making their site look awesome.  Another feature that sets GiftHulk apart from other GPT sites is their staff.  If you have questions and/or problems and cannot reach someone for help, why would ever want to be a part of a GPT site that doesn't care enough to help? They also have great verticle menu on the left hand side that has links to everything available.  It's a nice little change from the usual 'menu box' (err... whatever it's called... LOL) that you see on every single 'look-a-like' GPT site on the web.  There are so many ways to make cash $$$ on GiftHulk including EZ Coins, GiftHulk T.V., Search & Win, Giveaways, PAID Daily Polls, Tasks, Several Offer Walls, Fountain of Youth, & even Daily Surveys, offered by Trusted Surveys, with 10+ surveys to take every single day! There are also one-of-a-kind ways to earn like their 'Treasure Box' (keys earned that can open a treasure box with money, gifts, etc.) and 'PlayGround,' interactive & social tournaments that pay winners.  There are so many ways to earn cash $$$ at GiftHulk and the only way to find out is to register, NOW! PLUS don't forget your *EXCLUSIVE* VIP Promo Code (which means free $$$) for CrazyCreditGPT Fans ONLY  Promo Code: crazycreditgpt

Another *INSTANT* Cash Out GPT Site!

11. SuperTrooper ** 17 High Paying Daily Surveys!!**  Unique, One of a kind, Newer (but not TOO new, LOL!) GPT/Survey site that has definitely earned our seal of approval!  CrazyCreditGPT would NEVER highlight a site without receiving payment at least 4 times.  Needless to say, they paid us 6 times! This site is INSANELY PERFECT for beginners.  It is simple, easy, and straight to the point.  It has splenty of offer walls along with several daily surveys to complete.  The pay out average is great, their support team is fantastic, and the site has some really big things planned in the upcoming months!  You get paid INSTANTLY with NO CASH OUT LIMIT! That is crazy! We are BLOWN AWAY by the simplicity and genuine ease of this site.  Sometimes you do not want a flooded, crammed, and cluttered site taking up your precious 'online income' time!

GPT sites
that cash out daily
get your money the same day you ask for it!

paid surveys
has been around FOR 5 YEARS NOW! is a  perfect example of a CrazyCreditGPT Top Survey because they have everysingle quality that we require to earn a spot on here. They have been around since the beginning of time, or at least since GPT sites became acceptable formS of online earning programs.  2nd reason is they have a GREAT support staff that will respond quickly and actually listen to what you have to say without sending you some auto-responder email that was pre-written and placed in some categorized 'Q & A' software!  The 3rd quality of is the incentives for each offer... they are crazy high! They also have offers that we have never seen before on THEIR wall (not the official offer walls such as Radium One) that you can find by going to ---> Earn Cash---> Classical---> Offers, Surveys, Points, etc.  4th reason is they CREDIT THEIR OFFERS.  YES, they are just as good as Monthly GPT Sites, and Cashle and Zoombucks. They actually check your completed offers 3 times every hour until you get credit for your offers.  How many other GPT sites actually care enough to manually check your offers if the offer company doesn't credit them instantly? Only Monthly GPT sites do that, and now does!  5th reason is their survyes they offer.  They have several (at least 10) Daily Surveys as well as other surveys that are added periodically.  They pay an average 1$, give or take, for each survey which is MUCH HIGHER than GPT sites pay per survey.  (You can also see a detailed review of their survey section under our Top Surveys section). One more thing, that everyone knows CrazyCreditGPT absolutely LOVES, is their design and script is crazy unique.  We GUARANTEE you have never seen a GPT like this before! HERE and have a blast fattening up those pockets!

Our MOST Popular GPT Site!

2.50$ Sign Up Bonus!
Great Referral Program!  Cash out at just 1$.  ALWAYS credits GPT offers, always!  Cashle is actually CrazyCreditGPT's featured 'Our favorite GPT site to start out with.'  They have literally thousands of offers to complete and are notorious for their high paying referral percentages!  They do not send junk mail and have been around for years.  Cashle is very respected in the GPT community, making it very trustworthy and genuine.  You sleep tight knowing that they will never scam you, ban you for no reason, or not pay you!   They are notorious for being for high paying and quick to pay out your hard earned money! Another thing that sets Cashle apart from the rest is their social platform.  They have built a wonderful & interactive social forum that enables you to group up with any members you chose (preferably the high-income earning members) and form teams to make more cash, together!

17. Squishy Cash 5$ bonus just to register!  They HAD to be one of our first listed daily cash out's because they should be with our Monthly Cash Out GPT Sites, but they pay out every single day!  They are a very old and trusted GPT site, and they might just be the oldest GPT site in the world!  All kidding aside, they credit offers just as good as Monthly Cash Out sites and have ALL the qualities of a Monthly Cash Out GPT site.  They are another gigantic, extremely large GPT site with thousands of offers and have a very colorful theme along with weekly and monthly contests.  Once you register, you will understand what we rave about them.  Cash out with WalMart Gift Cards, PayPal, Payza (formerly AlertPay), Amazon Certificates, Check, and Direct Deposit! Go on, make some money with one the most famous GPt sites on the internet!

*WOW* Member Appreciation Dollar Sunday's!

Every Sunday you get $1 (one dollar FREE) if you ONLY complete 1 offer! Just ONE offer & you get ONE DOLLAR! What are you waiting for??


19. Global Action Cash (GAC) Bonus just for Signing Up!  This site is One of a Kind because they have the BEST support team.  All GPT sites have a 'support' team but GAC sets the standard for what every single GPT support team should be.  Not only do they respond to you extremely fast but they actually stay with you and work on it until everything is resolved.  They even help you after the original problem is fixed by offering their services afterwards.  A good support team is crucial in the GPT industry because of frequent crediting problems, contests, manual credits, false proxy accusations (only if you really AREN'T using a proxy), upgrades, general support, FAQ's, earning withdrawals, earnings on hold, and so much more.  GAC also offers 7 Offer Walls, paid to click, paid to sign up, paid to watch videos, surveys, PTC contests, PTR contests, weekly and monthly contests, offers bonus',  promo codes, upgrades, daily jackpot, 5 tier referral system, and referral contests.  PLUS, they offer FREE REFERRALS! What other GPT site offers free referrals? This means that you could be given a randomly assigned referral at anytime because plenty of people register without using a referral link.  Almost all GPT sites make you purchase an upgrade before they give away free referrals, but not Global Action Cash!  We cannot rave enough about this site.  Did We mention they have a really high credit rate? Make your credit rate even higher by using their search engine to categorize offers by most credited.

21. Cash Grab 3$ bonus just to sign up! You have to sign up for this site, it's 'stupid easy!' This is where you go if you want to find high paying offers. Cash Grab has a ton of free offers, but they became famous for their amount of high paying free and trial offers.  Extremely 'stupid-easy' navigation (!) and very cool graphics.  Their simplicity is perfect for beginners, and so is the bi-weekly cash out after just 10$!  They are a smaller GPT site, which can be awesome if you want to feel like a real 'member' of a GPT family! Also, their support is great, which is vital for the success of a GPT site.  They cash out bi-weekly, which means every other week.  And the good part is, they cash out just as good as monthy cash out GPT sites do!

even more
daily cash out
gpt sites

23. Can'tBeatFree is a very trusted site whose owner is turstworthy and very active and invested in the GPT industry.  This makes the site very appealing because you know they understand the frustrations of the industry, including not getting offers to credit.  That is why offers on Can'tBeatFree credit very well and your payments are sent very fast!  There are several offers walls including Radium One (Best credign offer wall!), Matomy, Gambit Videos, Peanut, Crowdflower tasks, and many more.  This site is so graphically up-to-date and is just awesome!  They have a 'cartoon-like' script that is cool to interact with instead of the oh so popular 'we all look exactly the same now' GPT sites!  CrazyCreditGPT absolutely loves sites that break away form the 'industry norms' and don't look and act like every single other site on the internet, and Can'tBeatFree is one of those sites that we salute! WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SITE! 

25. ExcitePoints is the sister site of Can'tBeatFree, so you know they are trustworthy!  Another very organized and very high crediting GPT site.  You only need 425 points to cash out 5$, so you're basically getting .75$ FREE!  We love this site! It has multiple offers walls, including Radium One - the best crediting offer wall of them all!  There are 7 more offer walls, along with their own offer wall and PTC offers.  There are plenty of contests and other ways to earn money through out the month.  You gotta check out this site if you want to make some cash.  Also, they designed their site to be deliberately different and up to date, unlike some really ugly and 'seen that one before' GPT sites!  A lot of GPT sites are good, but this one credits REAL WELL and has high paying offers! You will absolutely love and enjoy this site!

Our 2nd Most Popular Site!

26. ZoomBucks ALWAYS credits GPT offers, always!   This is CrazyCreditGPT's 2nd most popular site, behind Cashle!  Fans absolutely love this site because of how well their offers credit, and how good they pay. It's another insanely large GPT site with over 1,000 offers plus other 'get paid to' tasks to make cash including PTC ( get paid to click), paid to play games, daily contests and referral bonus', promo codes emailed weekly and also found randomly on the site, and much more.  At least once a week you get emails or shoutbox contests that are crazy good! Actually, they are running some kind of contest or promotional offer for their members to snag some more ZoomBucks! One of the easiest sites to make money on.  **Also has 25+ surveys daily** Basically EVERYTHING you need to make FREE money! We can not rave enough about ZoomBucks! - Your premier source for freebies!
*MUST JOIN* *Totally Trusted & Old Site*
28. Rewards1 (It's pronounced RewardsOne. Our text font makes our number one look like a 'L') has been around since 2007 and has always paid their members on time, every single time!  CrazyCreditGPT loves sites that have been around for over 5 years and have always been unique and have always been dedicated to giving you a great GPT experience! Rewards1 has never wanted to be like 'every other GPT site out there' and has, in fact, paved the way for many other unique GPT sites that don't want to be like every other GPT site on the Internet!  Just look at their forum and search for posts that have proof of payments and prizes.  You might be there all day looking at posts from the very beginning! LOL.  The design is wonderful, colorful, and ridiculously simple and easy.  It is so refreshing to be a member of a GPT site that doesn't have 800 million 'little click-on, boxed menus 'that confuse the heck out of you!  At least, that's how we feel... haha.  Also, don't get discouraged because you only see a couple hundred offers, labeled 'Best, ''New,' & 'Easy (which is TOTALLY CONVENIENT).'  Just go to --->Earn--->Special Offers and you will see 8 offer walls, 8!! Including Radium One, which is the BEST crediting offer wall there is right now!  Plus, they have at least 9 Daily Surveys to take every single day!  Are  you looking for a trusted and unique GPT site to be your next favorite earning site? Let Rewards1 surprise the (bleep bleep) out of you!

not every gpt site is a scam

No matter how reputable or trust worthy a GPT site is, it is not their fault when offers don't credit.  Of course, there are scam GPT sites that seem to ALWAYS have a crediting problem (womp womp womp)... But not sites listed on CrazyCreditGPT!  We have been paid by every site and all reviews are based on actual experiences.  There have been several sites that tried to scam us, refused to pay us,  branded us cheaters (and we we're NOT cheaters), erased our accounts for no reason, and even took some of our earnings away with no explanation -and 1 site even claimed that we had no earnings made,  and we we're trying to scam THEM!  So, there are many viscious, thieving, immoral people that want to do nothing but get money the only way they know how... scam, cheat, lie, and steal.  That is why we only list sites we feel are worthy enough to pass on to the world; however, GPT sites cannot control their 3rd party partners.  This means  that a company that had an offer on  the GPT site decided to turn into thieves and not pay the GPT site.  If the GPT site does not get paid by an advertiser, they cannot pay us.  They would go broke if they paid us every single time an advertiser decided to do this, and in fact some GPT Sites have gone out of business because of these reasons!  Please, please read our HOw to Credit GPT Offers page and protect yourself from thieving advertisers!

18SwagBucks Very Well Know, Awesome, high crediting, high paying GPT/Survey Site! Hundreds, maybe thousands, of offers along with 20, sometimes up to 40,  surveys daily!  SwagBucks has the highest earning potential for 'paid to search' with their search bar.  Almost identical to Google, the SwagBucks Search Bar is fully packed browser the loads on a serpate page.  Every time you use the Swag Bucks Search Browser you have chances of winning Swag Bucks (virtual cash!).  And don't worry, the chances of winning aren't like the actually win all the time! In our experience, we typically win about 2$ daily just for searches! Add all the thousands of offers, and your pockets are guaranteed to be fat!  Keep in mind that we use the search bar frequently (because CrazyCreditGPT is ALWAYS researching the web for information regarding the GPT and Survey Industries!), so the amount you win depends on how much you use the search bar.  If you only use it a few times a day you will only earn .50$, or so! So, click the Banner to join the millions of people who make money every single day with SwagBucks!  They are very reputable and have been around since the beginning of time, or at least since the beginning of GPT Sites...

Our Most Popular GPT Site!

*International* *GREAT Credit Rate*
Points2Shop (in partnership with Cashle!)
Bonus 2.50$ for Signing Up!
Cash out at just 1$.    Another Insanely Massive GPT with crazy contests, raffles, thousands of offers, games, surveys, PTC, cash back shopping, SponsorPay Videos, recurring tasks (Crowdflower task), and more! And just like Cashle, they ALWAYS credit their offers, always!  CrazyCreditGPT gets every single penny owed to us, and will always advertise them for their high crediting style.  Points2Shop and Cashle are brother/sister sites and whatever you make on one site, carries over to the other site. It might sound a little confusing, but it's actually quite beneficial.  The only difference is Points2Shop uses a point system to receive gift cards and awesome prizes, like a Nintendo Wii or Walmart gift cards.  Cashle uses points & cash. Plus, earn 1$ and 15% referral payments!  3 tier referral system!
**Points2Shop & Cashle has become a real 'Social Platform' because of their huge forums and high paying contests centered around group competitions!**

22. DealBarbiePays .50$ Bonus just to Sign Up! This GPT site has been around forever!  In fact, they are one of the first GPT sites and set the standard for 1000's of GPT sites internationally. CrazyCreditGPT prides itself on never highlighting GPT sites that use 'the same 'ole template' that 1000's of other GPT sites use.  But DealBarbiePays has been using this template since the beginning, before anyone else did!  You can make money so easily and so fast.  They have a great credit rate (they credit offers), awesome contents that run all the time, crazy good promos, paid to click, paid to read, paid to sign up, paid to complete tasks, games and slots, referral bonus', referral contests, advertising contests, shoutbox promo's, drawings, freebies, daily trivia contests, bingo, and even more! You HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT! Once you register you will have an endless amount of opportunities to rake in the dough!  And men, don't mind the name! You can make LOTS OF CASH, too!

24Memolink This site is awesome!  It is by far the Most Insanely MASSIVE GPT site ever!  Also, it so unbelievably unique that we guarantee you have never been a member of a GPT site like this! It is a GPT/Survey site that has thousands of offers and over 25 + surveys daily!  Memolink does not use the typical template that hundreds of other GPT sites know, that boring template and those broing graphics that every single GPT site uses now??  Not this one!  Have fun and earn money doing exactly what you would usually do online everyday.  Make sure you check out their surveys, you can earn loads of extra cash by completing these on a daily basis!  Memolink pays you several different ways as soon as you reach 5$ or 10$.  Get paid by check, PayPal, American Express Gift Cards, Shell gas cards, Walmart gift cards, Facebook credits, Amazon, Charities, and much more.

*AWESOME Credit Rate!!* *International*

27. Rewarding Ways *True Story!* Okay, so here's the true story of how Rewarding Ways ended up on CCGPT's Top GPT Sites That Credit, and you're gonna want to read this...

Very Recently, I was adding a site to CCPGT's FanFeatures & noticed an advertisement for Rewarding Ways, remembered I was member,  clicked on the ad, signed in, & noticed I had a message from their support team asking about a recent problem I have had with my internet provider (for those of you who have Verizon or VerizonFios you will know exactly what I am talking about!  If not, you better head on over to How to Credit GPT Offers b/c you might just find out a very IMPORTANT tip/helpful fact about Verizon Users!). Needless to say I shot over a message to their support team. They replied back not even 2 hours later! Not only did they reply back with lightening speed, they fixed the problem, too! For everyone reading this who doesn't know, it is an amazing find if you know of a GPT site with fast and helpful support! (& if you do know of one, PLEASE shoot us over a message, or post on our Facebook wall, because we would love to know about any GPT site with a great support team!) I immediately said to myself "I am definitely putting them on CrazyCreditGPT, but I have to get paid first before I do that!" So, I started doing offers.  I cashed out with $1.12 only 15 minutes later! REALLY! So let's review the main point of this story: I messaged their support team, who responded unusually fast AND fixed the problem, I reviewed the site while completing ofers, and I got paid... all within a VERY short period of time!

They have 7 offer walls, Crowdflower Tasks, Daily Surveys (VERY high paying for a GPT site), PTC offers, Contests (offers & referrals), and a great referral program that not only gives you a percentage of all  your downline's earnings for life BUT also gives you $.25 when they complete their first offer! There is so much more to Rewarding Ways and the only way to find out is Sign Up HERE. Have a blast making your pockets fat b/c I know I did in under 20 minutes!

just some ideas we picked up along the way... and trust us, they help a lot!

1.  Always use the same Username for every single GPT site you sign up for.  This makes your life so much easier!  Think about it: Do you really want to memorize 10 + usernames for each and every site? Or would rather just remember one?

2.  Use the same password, but switch some numbers around at the end.  This way you'll never forget your password, and hackers won't have the same exact password for each and every site.  For example:  Mary's password is 'IamCool.'  She also adds the numbers 1234 in with every password.  So her passwords are '4321IamCool,' '1234IamCool,' 'IamCool4231,' etc...   This way, if Mary can't keep straight of her passwords (BUT she should be using the Automatic Password Keeper with her browsers...) she at leasts knows that 1234 are at the beginning, and at the end.  Or just keep the same password for everyone, if you are not afraid of being hacked.

3.  TAKE YOUR TIME.  The biggest mistake anyone could make when it comes to completing offers is rushing through them like a wild maniac.  This will not help your offers to credit, in fact it will only screw up your cookies, and you will get LESS credit. Plus, a lot of companies have different offers with different names.  If you complete the same company's offers back to back, their cookies won't read it right and it won't credit!

Relax!  You are going to go insanely MAD if you don't take a break! How many offers in a row can you complete without having to pop medication to relieve the stress ??? Just do 2 or 3 offers, then relax.  Maybe take a survey or two from our Instant Cash Out Survey Panels and then go back and do another 2 ro 3 offers.

- After 60 - 90 minutes, you should have 5$ - 10$ in your accounts (or or it's way).  And if you don't think that is worth the 60 - 90 minutes, let me ask you 2 questions:

1. How much money did you have to spend in gas to drive to these offers?? NONE.!

2. How much taxes did you have to pay for these offers (provided you made less than 600$ in 1 year)? NONE!

Okay then, was it worth your time???