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This page is VERY DETAILED. If you want something more simple PLEASE visit Top GPT Sites that Credit.

However; if you are looking for detailed information on GPT sites and What a GPT is then this is the PERFECT place for you!

Let's Start With The Basics

A 'Get Paid To' site, or a GPT site, is a totally free site that pays you money for completing simple offers.  Most of these offers are free.  What are offers?  They are online activities that companies require you to do in order to receive a payment, anywhere from .05$ to 50$.  Although the 50$ pay outs are only given to trial offers (find out about trial offers to the right), free offers can make you up to 10$, maybe 15$ per offer!  Offers can be as simple as giving your email address to an e-zine service, signing up to a website or free service, printing coupons, or filling out small questionnaires while checking out advertising offers.  How do you get paid if it is free to signup?  Simple.  Thousands of companies want your focus and attention.  They are willing to pay these GPT sites to post offers for people like you and me to browse and check out.  Their main goals are to advertise new and exciting products, promotions, and services so we may possibly become new registrants and customers.  The GPT sites receive payments from these companies.  Then the GPT sites give us a portion of their profits.  It is all about exposure and advertising.  If you think about this industry and the way these companies are constantly showing people what they have to offer, it is actually very smart advertising.

There are a couple things you need to be aware of and prepare for.  GPT sites are famous for spamming your email accounts.  The reason for this spamming is you have signed up for various offers and e-zines from several companies/websites in order to profit from the incentives given by offers.  DO NOT LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU!  There is a simple and effective solution:  Sign up for various free email accounts.  This will benefit you in two ways.  First, some offers require you to sign up using 'unique' emails.  Unique simply means 'a different email for which you have not used for an offer advertised by the same company. ( a lot of companies have tons of offers advertised at the same time).'  You can find out more about using different emails at Free Guide:  How to Credit GPT Offers. Second, you should use these new and seperate email accounts to sign up for all your GPT sites.  DO NOT USE YOUR MAIN EMAIL ACCOUNT.  You always want to keep your main and most important email account free from spam mail given by GPT sites.  I highly recommend using the same email name for all your different free accounts (for example,      Iamcool@gmail, Iamcool@yahoo, Iamcool@hotmailetc...).  This keeps things simple and lessons the chances of forgetting your username and email account associated with a certain GPT site.  Also, you should always use the same password for every single GPT site you sign up for.  This will DEFINITELY help you in the long run!

...Then Credit Cards And Trial Offers

Trial offers pay you the big bucks and make your pockets fat!  Incentive prizes range from 3$ up to 50$!  All GPT sites have special categories for these trial offers.  They can be free trials of products or services with only the cost of shipping and handling.  They can also offer trials at an extremely low price for products and/or to sign up for services or e-zines.  But BEWARE!  You need to read the fine print before signing up for these trial offers.  That is what they are, trials.  You are given a product or service to try out and test.  KEY WORDS:  TRY OUT AND TEST.  After a small amount of time, anywhere from 7 to 60 days, your credit card will be charged the full amount for the product or service and you will be charged monthly to remain a member of the club you signed up for by purchasing the free trial.  If you do not want your credit card billed then you have to cancel the trial before the next payment is due.  I have heard many horror stories and complaints from people who did not read the fine print and had massive credit card bills because of their ignorance or forgetfulness.  Here is my advice:  Go to the store and purchase a prepaid credit card (there are high paying offers, up to 10$, for signing up for these prepaid credit cards and having them mailed to your house!  Do these offers to get a few prepaid cards so you don't have to pay the 4.95$ activation fee.).  Then pay for offers that do not require you to sign up for a membership to a club or service that bills you monthly.  There are plenty of high paying offers you can find that just require you to purchase a one time product or service.  If you do want to sign up for the trial offers that require you to pay monthly fees make sure you record your purchases and write down all the details with the purchase dates in the notebook I told you to purchase on the Home page.  Be sure to cancel these offers before the next scheduled payment is due in order to stop the billing cycle.  But make sure you check the membership time requirements for the trials offered by the GPT site before cancelling your membership(s).  Some GPT sites require you to stay active in your trials for a set period of time (this prevents fraud and protects the companies offering the trials).  The benefits of these offers that cost you money ( 99$ to 19.99$) is the insanely high and incredibly awesome amounts of money you receive to complete these trials.  You will make anywhere from 5$ to 45$ PROFIT for doing these offers!  In most cases you profit a lot and you get a cool product for just a couple bucks!  Basically, you are getting paid to buy products or services that are up to 90% off, OR JUST PLAIN FREE!  I know of several people who make all their supplemental income by doing just trial offers; however, these are VERY ORGANIZED individuals.  They keep track of every single detail, and in the end they have the fattest pockets you have ever seen!

And What About the Great Surveys?

Other offers you get paid for are free paid surveys.  Free Paid Surveys are an extremely easy way to make crazy, guaranteed cash and to ultimately fatten up those pockets.  Most GPT sites offer daily surveys.  They pay you .50$ to 4.75$ to complete a survey on every subject imaginable.  Not only do these GPT sites have surveys, but there are thousands of sites that offer only surveys and nothing else.  My favorites are Daily Survey Panel and Quick Rewards.  They pay you average .75$ to 3.25$ survey and always have paying surveys available to complete.  Daily Survey and Quick Rewards pay you instantly with no minimum to get paid!

I am going to stray from the subject of surveys on GPT sites because I want to talk about the differences in Free Paid Survey Sites. I feel that this information is imperative and the internet is lacking this important information at the moment.  Most survey companies email you when they have available surveys for you to complete.  While this is okay for some people, it is not acceptable for me.  Unless the survey company offers very high paying surveys or great focus groups or some kind of insanely great offer, it is so much better to have your available surveys listed for you to search through and pick from.  That is why CrazyCreditGPT has THE BEST SURVEY DIRECTORY ON THE ENTIRE WEB right now.  And I can say that with the up most confidence!  We only advertise survey companies that have 'Dashboards' available for you to look at and chose from.  A 'Dashboard' is simply a list, or some type of viewing, of all the available surveys and studies that you can complete.  This lets you see how much each survey will pay you, and even how long the survey might take.  I find this much more convenient, and also makes so much more sense if you are counting on making any kind of profit in the survey industry.  How can you make any money if you have to sit around and wait, for who knows how long, for an invitation to come in an email.  I find this extremely insulting and only makes these Survey Sites look annoyingly cocky and stuck up.  How dare they make US wait for THEM to send a survey invitation, only to disqualify you from the ONE SURVEY A WEEK they send you, possibly less.  A Dashboard enables you to take several surveys one after the other, sometimes never running out.  There are at least 10 + Survey Sites on CrazyCreditGPT that have over 20 + surveys daily for you to take.  Image the amount of money you can and will make! 

You should also know that every GPT site listed on CrazyCreditGPT has atleast 5 daily surveys.  And every single site shows you available surveys, how much they will pay you, and sometimes the amount of time it will take to complete the survey.  As a matter of fact you can  find some 'Combination' Sites on the Top Survey Sites Page.  'Combination' sites are GPT sites that are also Survey Sites.  If you are serious about making supplemental cash and generating a fat daily/weekly/monthly income than these sites are the best way to reach that goal, period.  I highly suggest registering for EVERY SINGLE ONE and doing 3 offers and 3 surveys every single day.  This will ensure that you make the bare minimum of 99$ every single month, probably more.  So fatten up those pockets and take some surveys while completing your GPT offers!

And Let's Not Forget About...

Many GPT sites (at least ALL the sites we advertise!)  also pay you for lots of other simple things.  You actually get paid for watching videos!  These videos can be short advertisements, full blown commercials, a sales pitch, or anything else that a business wants you to watch!  You also get paid for completing simple tasks, called 'Crowd Flower,' just like Amazon Mechanical Turk.  All you have to do is complete simple online based tasks that usually consist of using search engines to locate sites and their SERP ratings, finding flaws in websites, finding keywords in websites, locating certain advertisements, even describing how the site is graphically designed.  All of these things get you paid instantly.  Sometimes the same task is offered hundreds of times and you can complete it and get paid hundreds of times!  I know, right??  You can also get paid for playing games online!  Isn't that crazy?  GPT sites actually pay you cash for playing and/or winning games, including casino-style games, slot machines, card games, strategy games, video-style games, Facebook games, and much more.  There are at least 4 + sites on CrazyCreditGPT that have 'Spin the Wheel' games.  This is where you take a spin and you win whatever you land on.  I have won 20$ before on one spin!  This won't happen all the time but you can at least count on winning something, usually up to 2$.  You also get paid to shop!  It is actually called 'Cash Back for Shopping.'  If you need to buy anything online, from diapers to a new television, make sure you check your favorite GPT site and see if they are offering you a percentage of cash back for purchasing the item through their site.  I have gotten cash back for the simplest things including paper plates, bathroom tissue, even pens for college!  Most GPT sites (usually the Instant Cash Out) pay you for something called PTC ( get paid to click).  This is simply a cash payment for clicking on advertisements.  There are actually entire websites, called PTC Sites, dedicated to this industry.  I do not find these sites to be cash friendly, but everyone has their own preference; however, doing simple PTC offers on your favorite GPT site can bring you much needed cash.  Image this:  You only need .30$ to cash out on your favorite GPT site.  What could be the simplest and fastest way to make that money?  Simple...just click on a few ads, and you will be cashing out in no time!  Also, every GPT site has different contests and games that pay cash.   For example, a site will give fifty registrants 20$ for having the most referrals.  Or you can make 10$ for winning a hide-a-seek game, get paid for picking the secret number, get paid for winning an offer contest, and so much more.  There are also hundreds of GPT and Survey sites that hold their own lotteries/instant win games.  Most of the time you gain tickets to these lotteries and contests through offers you have completed.  For example, you might do an offer to sign up for a new car e-zine.  This offer pays you .80$ and 2 raffle tickets to their weekly jackpot.  I have won jackpots and lotteries before!  I actually won a 50$ gift card to Target once, that was great.  And last, but certainly not least, you can make a FORTUNE on referrals.  Referrals are people that sign up for a GPT and/ or Survey site using your special referral link that is given to you by the site.  Every single site on CrazyCreditGPT offers a referral option.  I highly suggest checking out the section on referrals under this block.  So, what did we learn so far?  GPT Sites are just that...Get Paid To (DO EVERYTHING)!

Collecting Your Earnings

Do you have a PayPal or Payza (previously AlertPay) account?  If you do, great.  If not, it is a necessity that create one, if not both, of these accounts (PayPal is used most).    Nearly all Instant and Daily Cash Out GPT sites send your earnings directly. to one of these virtual accounts.  Monthly GPT Sites usally give you the options of having a check mailed out to you in   Some sites give you the option to receive a check in the mail. But do you really want to get continuous checks in the mail for 1.08$, 3.27$, or 4.15$?  No.  It is much more convenient to have these earnings sent to your PayPal or Payza account on a daily basis or even several times a day.  They are both free and very easy to set up.  Personally I use Paypal.  You do not even need to link them to your bank account.  Some, not many, GPT sites want you to have a 'verified' PayPal or Alert Pay account (linked to your bank account) before they pay you.  All of the sites that I have listed or advertised, with the exception of one site, DO NOT require you to have your account verified.  I wanted to make this as easy as possible for you.  FYI, every site on CrazyCreditGPT uses PayPal (or a check) as their cash out option. To get one of these accounts all you need to do is go to their website and sign up for a personal account.  It is fast, free, and easy as pie.  Then you simply request a check to come in the mail whenever you reach your desired amount.  I usually wait for my account to reach 20$ before I get paid.  I do not want a thousand 5$ checks in my mailbox, but to each their own.  Also, PayPal lets you transfer your money directly into your bank account, but you must have a verified account in order to use this cash withdrawal option.  PayPal even offers a PayPal Debit Card!  To get one of these simply stay a member for sixty days and they will immediately approve your debit card.  You can use it at any ATM or anywhere that accepts debit payments.  Every single penny that is in your account is directly available for you to withdraw using your debit card.  PayPal is the best online money service/bank. 

Make Your Pockets fatter With Referrals!

Getting referrals can make you some serious cash.  There are people that only rely on money from their referrals every month.  To make this kind of crazy supplemental income ( I'm talking about making 500$ + monthly JUST in referral income.  Add YOUR  earnings and you are making a NICE supplemental income! )  it takes a lot of hard work; however, it is fairly easy to make some extra income with referrals, maybe anywhere from 5$ to 100$ extra every single month.  Some people do not do referrals and simply do not want to deal with the hassle of having to post their referral link all over the internet.  On the other hand an over-whelming amount of people have begun to make astonishing amounts of money on referrals every month.  Some sites pay you up to 20% plus a standard pay out amount per referral.  What does this mean?  Some sites (usually GPT sites) pay you a percentage of your downline's (your downline is the accumulation of all your referrals) overall income.  For example:  You place your referral link in your forum signature and post it on your favorite blog/forum.  Matthew sees your post and clicks on your referral link.  Matthew is taken to your favorite GPT site, signs up, and starts making money.  For every dollar that Matthew makes, you make 20% (or whatever the GPT site sets this percentage at) off that dollar.  So let's say Matthew makes 15$ his first week.  That means that you make 3$ ( 20% of 15$ = 3$) just for having Matthew as your referral!  Image having ten Matthews!  That would mean that you would make 30$ weekly and over 120$ monthly just for having ten referrals!  How do you get referrals?  I could post an entire article on gaining referrals, and maybe I will!  For right now I will tell you this:  A good place to start is your favorite blog/forum.  If you do not belong to one, you need to sign up for one, now!  Find blogs that enable you to have a 'signature,' which is simply a message that is automatically written out at the end of every single post made by you.  All you have to do is put your referral link in your signature and every person that sees your post will also see this referral link.  Also, start telling all your friends and family on your favorite social networks, like Facebook and Google +1.  With out spamming, put a simple message in your posts telling everyone how much money you have made, and that they can all make this much money too!  Then you simply post your referral link and watch them all sign up under you!  Start Making Your Pockets Fatter and get those referrals!  But first, you have to sign up for GPT and Survey Sites on the next pages, Top GPT Sites That Credit and Top Survey Sites...